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14th International Conference on Operations & Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM 2020)
jointly with
3rd Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum

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18th Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM Symposium 2020)
Operations, Supply Chain, & Services Management
     In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have now adjusted the program scheduling and format of the ICOSCM 2020 Conference.
     We really appreciate the efforts and thank all those who have organized, sponsored and supported this joint event so far, as well as the keynote speakers who had kindly accepted invitations to present in both academic and industry programs.
     The adjusted program will be as follows. You are invited to submit papers to the program:

     ICOSCM: On-line event- Planning is in progress for the ICOSCM and the Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum to be conducted as an online event on 18-20 July 2020, using proven IT conferencing systems like Tencent or Zoom. The deadline for paper submission is extended to 15 June 2020. We encourage you to submit your papers and join this event conducted in this innovative, digital format.Planning is underway for online keynote speakers, panels and parallel academic paper presentations.
     More information will be announced when there is further development of these plans.

      Advances in digital technologies in the last two decades have facilitated the digital transformation of supply chains. This, in turn, accelerates the supply chain process of value creation: better customized products, faster delivery, data-driven supply chain strategy, among others. Creating better, or different, value is a typical objective of supply chain innovation. Undoubtedly, sustainability in the supply chain context can create value as well. Although sustainable development normally aims to reduce waste and improve the environment, it can drive supply chain innovation by incorporating sustainability criteria in all stages of the innovation process, going beyond designing green products and packaging. Sustainability-driven innovation can lead to both cost and waste reduction by improving supply chain operations and processes.
      Reducing environmental waste, minimizing the use of key resources, or finding substitutes such as renewable sources, can be powerful drivers for developing innovative products and business models. The interplay between innovation and sustainability in supply chains, however, has not been sufficiently considered for business in practice. On the one hand, this interplay can be enhanced by digital technologies. On the other hand, digital technologies may construct more complex innovative and sustainable supply chains. How can innovation be linked to sustainable performance (i.e., the triple bottom line)? How can organizations transform to synergize the innovation and sustainability in supply chains? How can partners and suppliers work collaboratively for innovative, sustainable supply chains? This conference attempts to address the above issues.
      One distinctive feature and tradition of this conference is the Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum. World-renowned scholars and business leaders will share their insights on how sustainability leadership is linked to innovation leadership, and how such linkage will impact supply chain performance. The evolution of innovative and sustainable supply chain business model based on digital technologies will be discussed.


Conference Program
Academic Program 14th International Conference on Operations & Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM 2020)
(18-19 July 2020 conducted online)
Industry Forum 3rd Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum
(20 July 2020 conducted online)
Academic Program

Theme: Innovation and Sustainability Through Digital Supply Chains
Language: English
Day 1: July 18th
Day 1: July 18th -Part 1: 
Beijing Time 13:55~16:00 (GMT+8)
Sydney time 15:55~18:00 (GMT+10)
London time 06:55~09:00 (GMT)
San Francisco time 22:55(July 19)~01:00(July 19) (GMT-8)

13:55-14:10 Beijing time Welcome Speech

Yinan Qi
University of International Business and Economics, President of ASCOM

Lorne Cummings
PhD, FCPA, CA, Associate Dean - Research and Professor of Accounting, Macquarie Business School

TBD, Chongqing Jiaotong University

Chair: Norma Harrison, Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University, Australia
14:10-14:40 Beijing time Keynote Speech 1:
Leveraging Business Ecosystems to Innovate in the Supply Chain

Arnoud De Meyer
Singapore Management University (SMU); formerly President, SMU; Dean, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK; INSEAD, France

14:40-15:10 Beijing time Keynote Speech 2:
The Role of 3R supply chains in Coping with COVID19

Xiande Zhao
China Europe International Business School, Founder & Permanent Honorary President of ASCOM

15:10-15:40 Beijing time
/08:10-08:40 London time
Keynote Speech 3:
Learning from a Crisis

Chris Voss
Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, and Emeritus Professor, London Business School

15:40-16:00 Beijing time Questions&Answers

Day 1: July 18th -Part 2: 
Beijing time 19:20~24:00(GMT+8)
Sydney time 21:20(July 18)~02:00 (July 19) (GMT+10)
London time 12:20~17:00 (GMT)
San Francisco time 4:20~9:00 (GMT-8)
U.S. East time 07:20~12:00 (GMT-4)

19:20-19:30 Beijing time Opening
19:30-21:00 Beijing time
/U.S. East time 07:30-09:00
Invited Panel Discussion I:
Supply Chain Collaboration and Innovations Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Steven Melnyk

Broad College of Business, Michigan State University

Yu Xiong
Professor of Business Analytics, Surrey University Business School, Associate Dean for International

Sri Talluri

Michigan State University, co-editor of Decision Sciences Journal, leading researcher in risk management

Tobias Schoenherr
Michigan State University, co-editor of IJOPM, leading sourcing researcher

Jason Miller
Michigan State University, emerging leading scholar in big data, safety, and logistics research

Kiran Fernandes
Professor at Durham University, Vice Chair of National Commission, UNESCO UK

21:00-23:00 Beijing time Special Session I:
Digital Technologies and Big Data Applications for Coping with COVID19

Xiang Li
Beijing University of Chemical Technolog

Liang Wang
Research Fellow at China Europe International Business School

23:00-24:00 Beijing time
/08:00-09:00 San Francisco time
/16:00-17:00 London time
Invited Panel Discussion II:
Meeting with JOM Special Issue Co-editors, The Effects of COVID19 on Global Supply Chains 
(See more about this session)

Yinan Qi

University of International Business and Economics, President of ASCOM

Hau Lee
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Xiande Zhao
Founder & Permanent Honorary President of ASCOM; China-Europe International Business School

Chris Voss
Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, and Emeritus Professor, London Business School, UK

Tyson R. Browning
Professor of Operations Management at the Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University

Suzanne de Treville
Swiss Finance Insitute Professor of Operations Management, Universty of Lausanne

Xiang Li
Beijing University of Chemical Technology

21:00-23:00 Beijing time Parallel Sessions:
Parallel Session 1~4


Day 2: July 19th
Day 2: July 19th -Part 1: 
Beijing time 08:20~12:00 (GMT+8)
Sydney time 10:20~14:00 (GMT+10)
London time 01:20~05:00 (GMT)
San Francisco time 17:20(July 18)~21:00(July 18) (GMT-8)
U.S. East time 20:20~24:00(July 18) (GMT-4)

08:20-08:30 Beijing time Opening

Yinan Qi, University of International Business and Economics, President of ASCOM
08:30-09:00 Beijing time
/20:30-21:00(18th) US East time
Keynote Speech 4:
To Err is Human: Exploratory Multi-Level Analysis of Supply Chain Delivery Delays

Barbara B. Flynn
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Indianapolis, US

09:00-09:30 Beijing time
/21:00-21:30(18th) US East time
Keynote Speech 5:
Covid-19 and Supply Network Mapping

Thomas Choi
W. P. Carey School of Business; Arizona State University

09:30-10:40 Beijing time
/21:30-22:40 (18th) US Central
Special Session II: 
Meeting with Journal Editors

Hing Kai Chan

Editor-in-Chief, Industrial Management & Data Systems

Tyson R. Browning
Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Operations Management

Barbara B. Flynn
Co-editor in chief, Journal of Supply Chain Management

Chee Yew Wong
Editor in chief, International Journal of Physical & Logistics Management

Damien Power
Journal of Supply Chain Management

Sean (Sobhan) Asian
Issue of the "International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management" (IJPDLM)
10:40-12:00 Beijing time
/22:40-24:00 (18th) US Central
Special Session III:
The Digitalisation of Supply Chains - Research Topics to Consider amid COVID-19

Norma Harrison
Professor of Management Macquarie Business School Department of Management,Macquarie University,Australia

Vik Kortian

Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, Macquarie University and Managing Director of the Performance Improvement Institute

Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy
Lecturer, Department of Operations Management at the University of Liverpool Management School, UK

Olaf Schatteman
Partner, Performance Improvement Practice APAC, Bain & Company


Day 2: July 19th -Part 2: 
Beijing time 13:00~15:00(GMT+8)
Sydney time 15:00~17:00 (GMT+10)
London time 06:00~08:00 (GMT)
San Francisco time 22:00(July 18)~24:00(July 18) (GMT-8)

13:00-14:30 Beijing time Parallel sessions:
Parallel Session 5~6 & Best Paper Session 1~2

14:30-14:40 Beijing time Break
14:40-15:00 Beijing time Best paper award and closing
Xiande Zhao/Yinan Qi/Hing Kai Chan/Norma Harrison


Industry Program
The 3rd Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum
Theme: Digital innovations and sustainability in the supply chain
Language: English & Chinese

Day 3: July 20th
Day 3: July 20th -Part 1: 
Beijing time 13:50~17:30 (GMT+8)
Sydney time 15:50~19:30 (GMT+10)
London time 06:50~10:30 (GMT)
San Francisco time 22:50(July 19)~02:30(July 20) (GMT-8)

13:50-14:00 Beijing time
/22:50-23:00 Sanfrancisco time(19th)
Welcome Speech
Xiande Zhao/Norma 
14:00-14:30 Beijing time
23:00-23:30 Sanfrancisco time(19th)
Keynote Speech 1:
Can There be an Antiviral Vaccine for Supply Chains?

Hau Lee
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

14:30-14:50 Beijing Time
/16:30-16:50 Sydney time
Keynote Speech 2:
Trade Facilitation in a Digital Age: The Role of Port Digitisation in a Global Supply Chain

Peter Creeden

Managing Director, MPC International Pty Ltd, and Director, Mizzen Group Pty Ltd

14:50-15:10 Beijing time Keynote Speech 3:
Digital Transformation after COVID-19

Edwin Diender
Vice President,  Huawei Enterprise Business Group,Government & Public Utility Sector

15:10-15:25 Beijing Time Keynote Speech 4:
Reflections on Supply Chain Transformation after the Epidemic

Hua Fan
General Manager of Haier Global Sourcing

15:25-15:45 Beijing Time Break
15:45-16:00 Beijing Time Keynote Speech 5:
Stress Testing of Supply Chain Resilience under COVID-19

Chen Lin

Head of Ecosystem Platform, JD Retail Group

16:00-17:30 Beijing time Panel Discussion I:
Supply Chain Collaboration and Innovation under COVID-19

Xiande Zhao
China-Europe International Business School, Founder & Permanent Honorary President of ASCOM

Akash Bedi
COO+CSO, H&H Group

Nanxuan Xu
Homecare BU General Manager, Yuwell

Tong Zou
Regional Supply Services Director, Great China, Mead Johnson

Vincent Huang
Marketing Director, RB & Manon

Ye Yang
General Manager of Nutrition and Health Business, JD Health

Lizhen Liu
General Manager of Consumer Products, JD Retail Group


Day 3: July 20th -Part 2: 
Beijing time 19:50~00:05(July 21)(GMT+8)
Sydney time 21:50(July 20)~02:05(July 21) (GMT+10) 
London time 12:50~17:05 (GMT)
U.S. East time 07:50~12:05(GMT-4)

19:50-20:00 Beijing time Opening
Yinan Qi
20:00-21:30 Beijing time Panel Discussion I:
Digital Technolgies and Bigdata applications in Supply Chains

Yinan Qi

University of International Business and Economics, President of ASCOM

Pengfei Yan

COO of Haier Cosmoplat

Wei Chen
Director of Haier Cosmoplat Cross-border Business

Heng Liu
CEO of Forall Information Technology Co., Ltd

Min Wang
Vice President of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Group Co., Ltd

Shaoxun Liu
CEO of Compaks RV

21:30- 24:00 Beijing time
/09:30-12:00 U.S. East time
Panel Discussion II:
Supply Chain Management Under COVID19: Lessons Learned

Steven Melnyk
Michigan State Univerisyt Professor

Yu Xiong
Associate Dean of International, Surrey University

Session 1- An Invited Panel

Bob Trebilcock

Editorial Director of Supply Chain Management Review, Executive Editor of Modern Materials Handling

Eric van der Kleij
Founder of London Tech City

Session 2: Lessons from the Conference

Guests: TBD

00:00- 00:05 Beijing time Closing
Yinan Qi
Other Speakersto be confirmed...

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Call for paper

• Global Supply Chain Management
• Digital Supply Chain and Business Model Innovation
• Supply Chain Integration, Risk and Resilience
• Product Innovation and Technology Management
• Supply Chain Financing
• Sustainable Supply Chains
• Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Operations & Supply Chains
• Behavioral Supply Chain and Operations Management
• Service Operations and Supply Chains
• Healthcare Operations Management
• Operations Management Strategy in the Sharing Economy
Important dates for ICOSCM 2020
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(Note: Only full papers will be considered for best paper competition and awards)


      For academics interested in publications, we are planning for a special issue within a highly ranked journal and a book with a credible publisher for excellent full papers presented in the conference.  A committee will be established to make recommendations of papers for review and evaluation in these publications, as well as for best paper awards.  More information will be announced as we further develop these plans.

Paper Submission Instructions
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c) Full paper should include: Article title, Author details, Structured abstract (Purpose,Design/methodology/approach, Findings, Originality/value, Maximum is 250 words in total), keywords(Maximum is 6 keywords), Main text, Figures (if applicable), Tables (if applicable), and References.
2) Extended abstract (less than 1000 words):
a) Purpose: Theoretical background, managerial problem and research questions, objectives and/orhypotheses.
b) Design/methodology/approach: How are the objectives achieved? Describe the main data and datasources as well as methods of data collection, analysis and validation.
c) Findings: Presentation and discussion of achieved or expected results.
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