2020 SCF Innovation Forum | Special Invited Session Digital Collaboration and Innovation in Supply Chain Finance

The First International SCF Innovation Forum (Online), co-organized by Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management (ASCOM), Supply Chain Finance Community and CEIBS-GLP Centre for Innovation in Supply Chains and Services, will be held on June 12 (Industry day) and June 13 (Academic day), 2020.
In the industry day, a special invited panel discussion will be held for deepening your understanding of SCF practices across Europe and China, and meeting SCF leaders from Europe and China.

A Glance at this Special Session

Theme: Digital Collaboration and Innovation in Supply Chain Finance
China Time: 16:55pm - 18:05pm (Jun 12)
Central European Time: 10:55am - 12:05am (Jun 12)
UK Time: 09:55am - 11:05am (Jun 12)

Professor Zhao Xiande
China Europe International Business School, China; Founder & Permanent Honorary President of ASCOM
Luca Gelsomino
Academic Director Supply Chain Finance Community
Guest Speakers
Sheldon Ying
Senior Director of the supply chain of Haier Smart Home
Marco Tagliapietra
Chief Financial Officer Candy Group
Bart Ras
Managing Director UK Greensill Capital
Ivan Leung
Head of Corporate Sales, GTB, Asia Pacific at Banco Santander
Professor Lin Jianwu
Finance professor of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

In this special invited panel discussion you will meet a group of top SCF experts from large corporates, global banks and Fintech companies. Professor Zhao Xiande, the director of CEIBS-GLP Centre of Innovations in Supply Chains and Services will moderate the panel discussion together with Luca Gelsomino from SCF Community. In this panel, Mr. Sheldon Ying, the director of the supply chain of Haier Smart Home will give an introduction of the China-International Supply Chain Finance platform initiated by Haier group and the SCF products offered to their international suppliers and distributers. Mr. Ivan Leung, the head of corporate sales Asia Pacific at Banco Santander and Mr. Marco Tagliapietra, the Chief Financial Officer of Candy group will join the discussion and tell how they collaborate with Haier group in this cross-border supply chain finance program. Based on this case, the panelists will give their insights on Supply Chain Finance innovation and collaboration between focal firms and banks. Additionally, there will be a discussion about Supply Chain Finance innovations and new digital technologies. Mr. Bart Ras, the managing director of Greensill and Professor Lin Jianwu from Tsinghua Shenzhen IGS will share their experiences and studies on how to improve SCF risk management with big data and block chain technologies.

Know more about the whole program
The purpose of this 2-day forum is to gather the well-known researchers and business leaders from Europe, China, U.S., etc. to share their insights on topics like how ICT change the way of SCF, how SCF helps the SME, how SCF ecosystem works in digital era, how to establish and advocate a good payment culture, how to reduce financial inequality through SCF, and how to promote large enterprises to understand the real value of supply chain finance.

Industy Day: Supply Chain Finance across Europe and China
SCF in China: where are we?
SCF innovation and new digital technologies
How COVID-19 affects the financing environment of SMEs in China and Europe
Opportunities for multinational corporates with the developments of SCF
How Europe and China can collaborate in SCF programs

Academic Day: SCF put to the test: perspectives from around the world in a time of crisis
Academic perspective on SCF: hear from thoughts leaders from around the world
SCF innovation and new digital technologies
COVID-19 and SCF: what is research telling us

Institutional and regulatory factors influencing the SCF development
Industrial network and SCF ecosystem
Differentiation of SMEs in SCF
ICT (Internet of things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc.) and SCF
SCF risks in the new era
SCF business model innovation

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